Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Presentation..

Hi there,
Finally our documentation has been finished in time. Thanks to my group members that had been contribute their efforts and times to finish our assignment..
Below is our final presentation on final project. This video also include the parts and way to assemble the project. Hope u will enjoy it..

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hi there.

This week, we all busy completing the task which are presentation slideshow and documentation. I am still updating our group blogs' to put all the improvement towards the end of the unit. Hopefully all of us will get better marks. Go gurls..Hope u girls will finish the works and see you after holiday..Smile always..!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Proposal..


Theme : Entertainment
Group Name : “POWER GURLS”
Group Member :
1. Amirah bt Adil
2. Fairuz bt Mazlan
3. Salmiah bt Salleh Hudin
4. Nor Syakirah bt Kamaluddin


After this project, students should be able to:

1. Use their own creativity to form their own design.
2. Use the appropriate program to run the project.
3. Discover the use of each sensor.
4. Identify the main part to move the project.

For teacher, after this project teacher should be able to:

1. Teach students the main part in the projects
2. Observe students’ understanding through their project.
3. Teach students to do the programming correctly.
4. Encourage students to use their creative thinking in developing their own design.

Problem Statement:

Nowadays people keen to have their own pet. We can see these phenomena as many pet shops grow day by day. There are certain people willing to sacrifice lots of their money to fulfill their passion toward pets. It is a good hobby. However, current lifestyle especially in urban area makes this hobby limited. This hobby needs not only money, but it also needs space, time, and special care. There are also have some cases showed that pets-owner attacked by their pet. This situation makes people find other alternatives to replace their pet.

This project builds to replace the real pets. The theme of this project is entertainment especially for the primary school students. The target groups are primary school students because we want to introduce them to the design and technology field. In Malaysia, robotic in education was newly introduced. Yet, students were not exposed well to the subject. Therefore, the design and programming should be simple and easy for students to understand the concepts. It inspires students to be creative, use their higher order thinking (HOT) and applies problem solving skill. This is suite with the living skills syllabus for primary students which involve all those skills.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Presentation..

Today we have done our presentation. All things goes smooth but two of our team members could not come because they have hockey trainig for the competition the next week. However, I and Salmiah have done our best during the presentation.
At first, i am a little bit nervouse because if we compare with all the project in our class, our project is little bit simple but yet attractive. This is suitable with our aim which we develop the simple design and programming as the introduction of robotic for the students.
Our lectures Mrs Rashidah and Mr. Ghani had give positive critiques on our project. Firstly, it is about the design which they think we should modified the front tyres which Mr Gahni had give opinion to use only one tyre. Yet, we still proceed with two tyres because we thought that our Bambi as a mousedeer. So it should have two legs at front. However, Mr. Ghani said the design is not compulsary as the real one but suitable with the task that our project will carry on. So, after this we will take his opinion and improve in future.
Other than that, our lecturer also complaint on our sensor which we use only two sensors. For this part, we thaught that we will ask the students to make improvement on its design and programming. The one that we prepare only for the basic one. They should make adjustment by adding more sensors suite with the programming that they will develop for their project.
After all, our group has done the best and we hope this project will help teachers to teach robotic in calssroom. Hopefully, we can work as group together after this because it is fun. Learning the robotic help us to realize that there are many ways to teach robotic in a fun , attractive and intresting ways. By that, they will gain more knowledge not only in theory but practically.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Final Project: "BAMBI"


For our final project, we decide to make some modification on previous class project. We have made some changes in its design and programming to make the project more attractive and interesting for primary students. Today, two of our group members cannot come because they have hockey training. However, I and my friend Salmiah are able to finish our project. At the end of the assembling process, my friends have shown up and help us to make some enrichment on the design.


Our concept is to entertain the children age between 7-12 years old. The robot that we create will be able to move towards its owner when it detects using the ultrasonic sensor. When it cannot see the owner it will stop and make some sounds. We called our project as Bambi because the design that we create same as the mouse deer.

Problems & Solutions:

During the assembling process we did not have a problem. We have made some modification from last design which we have change the position of the sound sensor because it will prevent the ultrasonic to function correctly. This is because the ultrasonic will sense the sound sensor before it can detect things in front of it. Besides that, if we look at last project, the front legs can move randomly but then we make it constant. This is due to the task that it will carry on which move forwards.
Besides that, to develop the suitable program for our project it takes patient and focus. For this project, it is my job to create the program and I find it little bit difficult. This is because it has to combine some command to make the project move as our group need. There, I get helped from my friend Abdul Rahman Hakimi. He has helped me a lot. Thanks buddy. Lastly after some modification, we are able to create the program. Below is the program that we use for our project.



1. Teacher can ask students to form their own design but use the same programming.
2. Students can try making some enrichment by adding other sensors such as voice sensor.
3. Try to built the program which it can moves through voice sensor and stop when see object in front of it.

Below are some pictures during the assembling activities. Check it out…!!!

Our little cute Bambi..

Side view of Bambi..

To check it out how it's function, clik the link below..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Attempt: "Little Cute Humanoid"

This week we have begin brainstorm our idea for our final project. This week, our lecture has give us time to develop our project. So, this is our first attempt for our final project.

Theme: Entertainment


This week, our group has built the robot named "Little Cute Humanoid". this is our first idea for the final project. This robot function as entertainment to the target group as stated above. it also can perform several special tasks such as walk with two legs, can sense the line and follow it properly. besides that, it also can move wherever you want by setting it with the suitable programming because it have ultrasonic sensor. We got the idea from one of the sample in internet and we have made some adjustment in its program
ming and its design.


As we go on in the assemble process, we have encounter some problems such as we did not have enough components and we have some difficulty on assembling the parts. besides that, the design also have some problems in functionality which its legs cannot move smoothly. it seems lik
e the leg of out robot is heavy so that it cannot move smoothly.


However, we can overcome the problems. We have borrowed the components from other groups and be more focus in assembling process. For the design, we have made some adjustment to ensure that th
e legs can walk smoothly by exchange the components used. As a result, the legs can be functioned. for the programming, we asked a member from other group to helped us in order to improve the programming. So that, it will suite with what we have decided earlier. Below is the Little Cute Humanoid that can be functioned properly.

This Little Cute Humanoid still in construction..

Little Cute Humanoid..Is it handsome??hehehe...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Second Project in Classroom...

Lifting & Recycle Task:
"Pick Up Bot.."


For this week, we need to build up a robot that can lift things and recycle for a few times. The design of the robot is high to bring up things to the higher place. The based have to be stable so that we made up a wider base. Then, we create the program which enable it to do the same task for a few times. There are few sensor that we have used which are ultrasonic sensor and light sensor. The ultrasonic will functioned as To see the object and the light sensor will choose the red ball and bring it to some distance that we have decided.

Problems statement:

During the lifting task, problem occur which the software had been wrongly set that makes the robot change the colour of the target. It pick the blue ball which is wrong. After we analyze the problems, it shows that the sensor was damage.

Problem Solving:

So, to solve the problem, we decide to change the ultrasonic sensor with the other. Then, we reset the programming. By that the sensor can identify the true object which is red ball. By all that, we realized that it is important to check either the sensor can function properly or not.

As a group we all enjoy the activities and we have learn things especially on the command of loop and timer. Besides that we also learn about the light sensor on how to read the value that enable the sensor to read true value. This is important because if the value is wrong, it will effect the reading.

Below is some pictures during the activities. Take a look...

It's me with my Pick Up Bot..

Finally, the Pick Up Bot can identify the red ball..!!

It's Salmiah with our bot..Peace!!!